Katrina Research Center (KRC)

Katrina Research Center (KRC)
Katrina Research Center at USM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 7 - Sept. 10 (2nd week)

This past week at the KRC was a very memorable one for me. I spent time learning about the displays and different types of art the center uses in their exhibitions. Shugana explained that she is constantly contacting large amounts of people to encourage donations to themed and non-themed exhibitions. We had an oil spill display that I had worked on last week, art from sea life etchings copied over on carbon paper, and pottery in the cases downstairs and on the second floor.

We also took down the "silent witness" exhibit this week and set up a new exhibit. I had the opportunity to meet Frank, a local volunteer that is a retiree from the railroad, who assisted in hanging the last three exhibits. Frank also was behind the creation of the walls for our exhibits. He is a meticulous man that has much experience to share with the younger generation. I took the time to re-organize the meeting room used for storage of files and art pertaining to the many previous exhibits ran by the KRC. Dr. Nuwer and Shugana were very excited to see that there was actually a table under all of the clutter. I felt a sense of excitement to show them the room, since it is now more organized and can be used for it's original purpose.

I also worked on securing information on upcoming and current publications on the oil spill to appeal to publishers for a donated copy for the KRC collection. Hopefully they will get back with us over this next week with good news! I spent some time researching grants that could help with an upcoming proposal for a 1-stop Gulf Coast disaster repository I will pitch to Shugana later this week.

Amidst the sea of craziness going on in the KRC with the changing out of exhibits, Dr. Nuwer and Shugana were furiously getting the final touches on the fashion show fundraiser finished before Friday. Beau Rivage, who had agreed to cater the event, had not returned Dr. Nuwer's calls all week. Finally, they reached her on Thursday to iron out the final details. Door prizes were secured, beverages were furnished, and all of the other parts were fit into place to make the fashion show a memorable event for the attendees.

I arrived at 1 p.m. on Friday to assist with setting up the event. I ran errands to the market and made multiple trips to the KRC from the event floor to cart items over. I helped set up tables and beverages for the models and support staff. There was an electric air circulating through the event hall, and everything had culminated into a grand event (much due to planning that started in May).

My wife and I were invited to attend, but I did not have a babysitter for my son who is 2 years old. I wanted the event to go smoothly, and was nervous that he would be the only child there. I find that Dr. Nuwer and Shugana are truly receptive to my ideas, and that makes me enjoy this internship experience that much more. I look forward to what next week will offer.

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