Katrina Research Center (KRC)

Katrina Research Center (KRC)
Katrina Research Center at USM

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept. 20 - 24th (4th week)

Well, I had great fun last week jumping about while getting ready for the exhibition opening for "Life in a Snapshot" and "Art at Gulf Park." It was a busy week, where I was also developing grant proposals for the GCDR. I finished the exhibition map and setup a table on the 1st floor of the library with a KRC sign so patrons here for the exhibition could locate all of the art displays on the first two floors and find the KRC on the third floor. I have been rather behind in homework for other classes this week because of how immersed I was in practicum, work, etc.

The night of the exhibition I arrived early with ice and setup the snack area. We had all kinds of yummy food (especially the spinach-artichoke dip). That stuff was like crack. Around exhibition opening time, only several people were in attendance. According to Dr. Nuwer, exhibition openings are always up in the air on who shows up. Luckily, more people showed up and made the event a success. Dr. Nuwer also sent me home with lots of snacks to share with relatives that were coming in from England that weekend. All in all, it was a great week to be at the KRC!

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